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The first heroic days at preschool are when the children have to say to their parents: “See you after teatime.” With bitter tears the child parts their parents, first steps into independent life. That will impress every tough guy.

In these difficult moments our experienced teachers will be near, hug the children close, wipe their tears away, give hope to the youngest as well as the oldest, will not give in to difficult moments, in building the bridge of mutual trust.

With time the children will discover bright sides of being in a group, shared fun and learning, which, despite intellectual effort, is a treasury of fascination and immeasurable opportunities. From that moment the children very reluctantly leave our preschool. Impatient parents wait for their dear ones in the corridor urging them to leave! Very often in vain.

We are happy to have the possibility of working with the children. We love our children, because it is impossible not to love these little mites, who show us what is most important and beautiful in life, whose inventiveness and spontaneity exceed the highest expectations of great minds.

We try to meet the expectations of the children, keep up with the dynamic changes which they experience in this stage of life.

Childhood provides plenty of joy as well as confusion and frustration. Children learn about themselves and the surrounding world.

Their first friendships, first loves, first conflicts are difficult to deal with on their own. We, the teachers, observe our pupils, try to capture each vital moment of their lives, teach them how to deal with difficult situations.

We do not provide ready made answers, but try to find the best solution together with the child, the solution which does not only help here and now, but create in our children a set of assertive reactions to cope with and solve difficult real-life situations .

A coherent set of rules, mutual trust and help is characteristic of our preschool community, from the youngest to the oldest kids.